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Felting and Iran 8

Before I went travelling with Helen in 2006, I travelled with Masjnoe and his large family for about 3 days to the Caspian Sea in the time of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year.

If you are visiting a place with an Iranian family you never know what comes next. Everybody wants something different and long discussions are made before the voyage starts.

The climate along the Caspian Sea is different; itís cooler, more humid. Many ricefields , beautiful, rich forests and Iranians from the mainland and the cities like to spend the summer in this area.

In the province Mazandaran, where we stayed, I saw some shops with felted mats. The quality was kind of poor and some were moth-eaten. I bought one but had to throw it away when I was back home because of the moths. This reminded me of a Persian carpet shop owner in Amsterdam who feared to have felt in his shop because of the moth. Why didnít I ask more about this moth problem, I wonder now.

Anyway, in Noor in a traditional theahouse we sat down on a Thakt (seat, bed) covered with brown felted mats. Only in this province I have seen felt on these Tahkat. But then, I havenít been in all Provinces! While riding along the cost and itís little villages anytime when I saw a shop with some felt I wanted to stop but not everyone of the family wanted to stop all the time when Õ wanted too. And driving with 4 cars in a row didnít make stopping easy.

The Caspian Sea Provinces are worth visiting for a longer time and I hope some day I will go back and see more of itīs beauty. To be continuedÖ..

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