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Felting and Iran 6

Perspolis, the ancient city, I visited twice. The First time in august 2005; the weather was terribly hot. Together with Helen again in 2006, at Noruz the Iranian New Year, celebrated in early spring. It starts at 21 March.
Many Iranians have their holidays and visit all kind off places in their country, whether family or famous places and sites.

This ancient monument, P(F)e(a)rs-polis, City of the Parsans is situated not far from the capital Shiraz in Fars province. In front of the entrance, a nomad tent was placed and a nomad woman made bread in the traditional way. Several man whore traditional Quasqai headgears.

To earn some money, young boys try to persuade visitors to ride horses. Under the saddle on one of the horses, they had put a felted blanket, to protect the horse. They didnít know who made this felt, they store it for their horses and use it when necessary but normally a felted saddlecloth is used.
These young boys are excellent riders, and made some pretty good show of their riding skills.
to be continued.........

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