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Iran Felt 5

In 2006, a year after my first visit to Iran, I travelled with Helen. I already met her family and her in Teheran in 2005. Helen is born in Teheran and came to the Netherlands when she was 11 years old. Helen wanted to open up a travel agency in Amsterdam for travels to Iran and wanted to visit some famous places in her homeland.

So we did……………..but not after visiting the Carpet Museum of Iran, in Teheran. It is worth while visiting since this museum preserves the most beautiful and biggest carpets of Iran. No wonder since Iran has a rich and very old history about knotted and weaved (kelim´s) carpets. The ´Persian Carpet´ is famous all over the world. Inside the museum, one could read about the famous Pazyryk Carpet, not the felted one unfortunately, although not to my surprise.

We asked about felted carpets and some older attendants remembered felted carpets but as they said, not suitable for the museum. One of the attendants showed me a book from 1984, a large chapter describes felt in Iran. What a discovery! After talking back and forth I was able to buy this last copy. A treasure for me, better then any carpet in the museum!

To be continued………….

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