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Felting and Iran 3

Maybe you can imagine, I pity the fact I didn’t ask more about the headgears shown in this picture. Overwhelmed by all the impressions of this beautiful country and it’s people, the first year I just forgot to ask more……..like how, why, where and what.

Our taxi driver in Shiraz was so much willing to help us, looking for people that know more about felt and felting but it takes time to find people who can help you further on your journey. I did not want to bother this kind man with my specific interests although his friendliness and considerations seemed to have no end at all. It was August and September, the hottest months of the year and my energy was limited as well as the energy of all of us. 

 Masjnoe bought a black felted cap, traditionally worn by the Bakhtiari, a large group of nomads living around a large area in south western of Iran. I purposed to visit these nomads after we had been invited to a nomad wedding in Shiraz´surroundings.

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