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Iran and felting

In mai 2015 I have been again to Iran for the third time to meet felters in the region of Golestan. Golestan is a province in the North East of Iran. It's capitol with the same name, I met Iranian weavers and other artists that run a little shop where woman can leave their craft objects to be sold. 

But before that I was interviewed by Theran Times about my felt journey by a journalist I had contact with.

Golestan is a region famous for it's beautiful embroidery. 

After that we went to a 65 year old woman who has felted for more then 40 years large carpets. Now she is making smaller items.

In another village we met Mrs Davaji  from the `Department of Technical and Vocational Education` who took us to Maraveh Tappe, a very small village just 15 km from the Turkmen border. There we would meet a journalist who wanted to take an interview with me, the head of the above organization and some people who run the province. But most of all to meet the woman there who do the felting. 

The pictures I put here will show the excitement, the fun, the intimate contact and the finished product.  

 I visited two villages where woman do felt work. In the first village an older woman who used to felt large carpets, is making small items now.

In the second village


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