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Language and crafts

Why is felting also healing? Because felting interacts with your 3H’s: Hands (2), Heart (1) and Head (1). If it interacts ‘properly’ your soul (1) gets involved.  If your soul gets involved you are being ‘healed’: this is a holistic and universal law. So 2 H’s can be added to the 3 H’s: Healing and Holistic.

To heal means: being healthy, becoming healthy.  In the word holistic you find the word: whole (w-hol) Whole means e.g.: united, together, being one. So: healthy!  In Dutch, the word ‘hol‘means e.g.: empty, a cave.  So Hol-land means literally: empty land. An empty land is a land without people. A land filled with humans makes it amongst others: holy (as in sacred) and whole. Before people settled on earth the land was hol-low, meaning empty (without people) and deep down (seen from the universe).  So emptying your soul by felting makes you wHole, healty and happy. These 3 ‘H’s makes you feel like you are in Heaven and heaven is not the only ‘place on earth’!

Photo credit: http://flan.csusb.edu/images/worldhands.gif

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